If you are anything like me you started (or are starting) your Business because you value FREEDOM.  


Freedom to wake up and go to bed whenever you please.  Freedom to stay in bed with your laptop on those cold gloomy mornings.  Freedom to travel or live wherever you want in the world.  Freedom to make as much money as you want without having your potential capped.  Freedom to be at home and spend time with your kids rather than speeding to after school care to pick them up, yelling at them all night to eat dinner, do their homework and shower and feeling like you can never quite balance work and life without the eye roll from your work colleagues or boss.  Or better yet, freedom to not have to deal with office BS politics!! 


I get it, I used to sit at my desk looking out the window feeling resentful for doing tasks above my paygrade and wishing I could be sitting with my laptop doing what I actually love poolside in the sun. 


And even more than that, you just know YOU WERE MEANT FOR MOREYou are a ambitious woman, A go getter and you almost feel like you are cutting yourself short for not pushing those bounds on what could be possible for you.


And deep down you know that your product or service can be life changing if only people knew about it! But where do you even start? Or you have started and you are hustling but for some reason people aren’t grabbing what you are putting out there! Or you have this big dream but imposter syndrome and procrastination keeps creeping in or as I used to say it “life keeps getting in the way”


If you resonated with ANY of this, you are in the right space.  


I am on a mission to help as many women as I can to really step into their Queen Energy, BE the powerful woman they know is hidden inside of them and start/ scale their Businesses so that they too can have the life they desire whilst changing the world and creating ripple effects for others through their business. 


I personally have created a company where I have been able to travel the world, work whenever I desire and have unlimited earning potential and as I move into the next phase of life it will now allow me to be with the family my Husband and I create in the future.  


I have also helped other women do the exact same.  


Some of my clients have…


  • Gone from no online presence and a Job where the boss has been harassing them to having their own full time business with an online presence, selling out spaces in their consultancy business and having waiting lists within 2 months of working together.

  • Going from no online presence at all in a job that was making them physically ill to consistent $10K plus CASH (not sale) months, sell out programs and retiring hubby to join their business.

  • Going from $2K months to $40K months and being able to provide for the family with absolute certainty that this is just the new normal and how it is.  


These are just a few of the results that I have helped clients create and there are many more where these came from. 


So if you have read this and you have thought “shit, that’s me” or “I wish I could do that” then go to the Contacts tab, book in a chat and let's see how I might be able to help create the same for you.