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I am going to say something a little quirky but if you believe that you are a soul having a human experience, then I think something might land here. 


When you decided to come to this earth as a soul having a human experience you intentionally renounced your innate wisdom of the powerful being you are so that you could have the full spectrum of the human experience. The tears, the frustration, the laughter, the joy - its all part of being ALIVE. The experience we chose, although its hard to remember this in those moments of frustration or feeling lost. 


As a human there are specific things that we want to achieve and manifest into our lives and in order to do that we need to REMEMBER the powerful being we are on a deep soul level and we need to reprogram our human selves to remember our innate power so that our desires can come into our physical reality.  


I want you to HAVE IT ALL.  It is ALL available to you. Your will is the will of the divine which means of course what you desire is available to you.  I mean why would it be possible for others and not for you? Its not like the universe goes 'yep you can have what you want but oh not you'.  You are a limitless potential being and it is time you were reminded of that so that you can manifest a life beyond your wildest imagination so lets go!!

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