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Hey! I am Donna 

Welcome to my page! If you are here it is likely that you are ready to drop the masculine armour and soften into your feminine so that you can have a life that you feel proud and become your own dream woman.  WHATEVER that means for you.  That may mean successful business/career. It may mean a beautiful loving relationship.  It may mean travel.  It may mean being a parent.  It may mean all of that.  But first we must BECOME to unwrap all that juicy goodness that life has to offer. 

My work is here is to help you activate your Feminine energy whilst feeling supported by your masculine energy so that you can step into your POWER and have more CHOICE and manifest your life exactly how you desire.  

Over the last few decades Women have for the first time being invited to express.  To use their voice.  To forge their own path.  We have had the introduction of feminist movements.  However, prior to this, caveman days or even when the wars were on, women were to stay at home with the kids to nurture whilst the men were out hunting/fighting.  To put it into context, it wasn't until the 18th century that men and women started marrying for love rather than status.  So for the longest time women have been supressed in their expression of who they are and what they desire BUT the last few decades we have had more of a feminist movement.  Girl power.  Equal rights.  Which is great AND has also led to a lot of burn out because there has been no definition in our roles anymore and instead we have taken on all the roles [INSERT GIRL BOSS ERA] here.  Now, more and more I am finding women wanting to find the balance.  This doesn't mean we don't pursue our dreams but there is softer way to do it, without burnout because we are NOT built like men and nor do we want to be, we have our own superpowers ladies! 

This is where I come in.  I did girl boss for 14 years.  Climbed the corporate ladder.  Built a successful business working with women all over the world.  Then I had my baby and I was initiated into a new way of being both in my relationship and business.  I realised there was a softer and more enjoyable way to do both.  The Feminine way.  Whilst of course being supported by Inner Masculine.  AND THIS, is what I want to share with you! SO LETS GO!

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