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Hi, I'm Donna

Hey, I am Donna.  Here's a little slice of my story to help you get to know me better!

(and yes I am a little bit of a goofball)

My Business originally started back in 2017 when I coached women out of toxic relationships and into Self Love.  I did this until 2018 when I decided to start teaching women how to build a Business Online like I had done.  I had created both of these very successfully.  They allowed me to travel the world and live in luxury.  To dine in the finest restaurants and stay in beautiful 5* hotels all around the world.  My Business has truly given me the most beautiful experiences.  

Then Covid hit so naturally my husband and I decided why not have a baby, make the most of the time being stuck at home.  I smile as I write this, so blase 'just have a baby in a Pandemic, it'll be fine'.  Little did I know that my life was about to change in ways I could have never fathomed.

When I walked in the doors of the hospital to birth my baby, I wasn't to know I would walk out also birthing a new me.  A woman who didn't value what she used to.  

  • A woman who went from taking pride in being a powerhouse to a woman who still wanted to have a business but not at the price of time with her baby and now feeling lost on how to do both.

  • A woman learning to love her new curvaceous body from someone who lived her life as a size 6.  

  • A woman who had to learn how to lean even further into her husband and trust that she wasn't being too much.  

  • A woman who had to relearn how to be sexy and intimate because she felt anything but post baby in the beginning.  

  • A woman who found herself all of the sudden feeling very masculine in trying to balance baby, relationship, business, house, friendships all on bugger all sleep.  

  • A woman who no longer loved the Business that she had built and was initiated into finding a new way of being a Mama Entrepreneur.   

Which led to the BIG QUESTION 'Who am I now?'   

I tried to resist, hustle and push my way through doing everything the old way with baby on hip.  This created even more pain and I felt like I was failing at it all which led me to what I now believe was a undiagnosed delayed post partum depression where I was crying every single day.  

This made no sense to me at the time.  We had just landed back into our nomadic life in Bali after the world had opened up again, I should have been happy, so why wasn't I?! I prayed to god to give me my old inspiration back.  My old energy.  To give me the answers because I was willing to DO the work (I laugh now realising it was never about doing but rather BEING). 

And this led to a moment, a really scary moment for me where I turned to my husband and said I don't want to work right now, not at least in the capacity I was.  For the first time in my life I wanted to bake (and anyone who knows me knows I am a shit cook, in fact it's a running joke in our household but it's what I wanted).  I wanted to create in my business but not because I 'had to' make money but because I loved what I do.  So instead I started coaching on a really light level.  Small intimate groups and 1:1.  Just enough to enjoy it and yet enough room to leave me space to discover who I was now and what I wanted from life next.  

I LEANED IN.  Let my man take care of me.  Let myself grieve who I was.  Let myself get creative.  Let myself learn through podcasts.  Let myself take space through the support of my coaches.  Let myself be present to our daughter.   Let myself discover who I was again.  Let myself be a lady of luxury.  All because I was willing to drop Miss Independence for a hot minute and lean on my husband for support and you know what?! The moment that I did that, like truly leaned in, let myself let go of the shame, let myself relax into life, ALL the inspiration, the where to next for me landed and it landed BIG TIME.  


My work is here for women to soften in their Inner Feminine Power and find structures that support them to RECEIEVE the manifestations of the life they desire.  Hustle culture is quickly dying.  I am here to show you how you can pursue your hearts work, be a present mother and wife and travel the world if that is what you desire.  

My Brand is completely immersed in Feminine Power which means you will find courses on Relationships and Business that show you how to approach both from your Feminine Power whilst relaxing into your Inner and outter Masculine support.  

There will also be products that relate to the Feminine (I am currently creating) that you can purchase through my site that will either make your life easier or make you FEEL even more powerful and confident as a woman.  

I am here for a new Era.  A softer Era.  If you are ready to come with me, check out the tab of my Free content or my Courses on line to have direct access to me and my life's work.  Looking forward to getting to know you!


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