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Hi, I'm Donna

Hey! I am Donna.  I am a Aussie, living in Bali with my husband Caleb and daughter Zali.  I run a online business as a Self Love & Manifestation Coach helping women manifest both love and money into their lives because it within the love that we have for ourselves, and the lengths that we are willing to go for ourselves that we manifest the love and money we desire.     

What's my story?

I live in paradise (aka Bali), with my beautiful husband and baby girl.  I run an online business helping women all over the world manifest love and money.  Outside of that, I am always having fun experiences and really living life on my edges (which you can see in my youtube channel). 


But it wasn't always that way...  I guess you could say my spiritual awakening started in 2015 where my life began to change dramatically. 

It was one of the moments where life kept trying to tap me on the shoulder to get me to wake TF up.  Of course, I wasn't listening so the big hit came in May 2016 when I suffered a minor stroke.  As I sat in the hospital bed I thought to myself "I am unhappy in my job, in a toxic AF Narcissistic relationship, it took my own mother 3 days to come in to see me in hospital and some of my friends didn't even both to come check in despite my being there  for over a week.  What kind of life have I created for myself?" And the worst part. I knew I HAD CREATED ALL OF THIS.  

At the time the drs had told me that they couldn't be sure if it was a brain bleed, cancer or a disease of the brain it took them a week to figure out it was a stroke because all they could see is a mass on my brain that would take invasive brain surgery to figure out what it was. So I bargained with god.  If you let me live I promise I will live my best life possible.

When I got released from hospital I kept my promise.  I booked myself in with a counsellor.  I did a lot of healing.  Left my Narcissistic relationship and started my coaching business.  Within 6 months I met my now husband and had several paid clients from all around the world in my coaching business. 

In 2018 we packed up our life and became nomadic and my business sky rocketed.  In our travels we have travelled and stayed at some of the most luxurious restaurants and hotels in the world.  I love luxurious things and I am not ashamed to say it.  I have helped MANY women around the world leave their jobs, start businesses have better relationships but over all, the work I have done to help these women has been building a deep relationship with themselves.  Sure we spoke strategy sometimes but most of it was inner healing.  Realising where there were energy leaks.  Low standards.  Loose boundaries.  Comparison on social media which made them even more lost.  Voices in their heads that were not their own but rather echo's of parents, teachers or friends who had influenced them over the years.  My job has been to help women heal that so they could build that business, have beautiful loving relationships, take leaps of faith on themselves without the good girl role hanging over their head and so much more. 

I didn't build this life by accident.  I had to face the scary parts of myself. Love those parts.  Take personal responsibility.  Make some tough decisions.  Do the work AND I would do it all over again to live the life that I live now.  IT IS ALL WORTH IT.  

I want this for you.  I want women to live courageously and have the most out there wild life experiences.  Life is meant to be lived.  

So this is my invitation to you, you have heard the overview of my story now and how I have alchemised shit into gold.  You can too.  

So if you are ready, lets get to know each other more.  Go check out my other pages for freebies and how we can work together.


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