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Hi, I'm Donna

I thought I would share a little about my story here so we can get to know each other some more. 


I am a Aussie, originally from Melbourne and have been living nomadically with my family for the past 5 years.


I used to work in law until I realised that I was not built for being in a office from 9-5 which was when I found coaching.  I started my coaching journey in 2014 with not a lot of success in the first 3 years.

  In 2017 I decided that I would give it one last try.  In my last attempt, I chose the niche of Relationship Coaching after healing a lot of my own relationship wounds and started attracting clients from all around the world.  This was also the same year I met my husband. 

I worked in the space of relationship coaching for about 18 months but found myself desiring a change of pace. It was scary to pivot niches since I had also just resigned from my job but what I know to be true is that money follows happiness so I took all the knowledge I had acquired from building my own successful Online Business and started helping others to do the same which resulted in my first $30K month.  In 2018 I left my part time day job, we packed up our apartment, sold all our stuff and moved to Bali. 

We travelled all around South East Asia for about 18 months enjoying the most luxurious hotels and fine dining restaurants.  It felt like a dream. I was finally living my 'best life'.  You know the one that feels impossible or so distant.  That was until Covid hit...

When Covid hit in 2020 we decided to go back to New Zealand my Husband's hometown as we were not sure of the effects of Covid to the healthcare system or what it would mean for our Businesses.  Funnily enough Covid was actually a boomer for our industry and I had made more money than ever before BUT something was missing. So like a lot of people, we decided to have a baby during Covid because I mean what else do you do when you're stuck at home right?! Haha. 

In June 2021, we welcomed our beautiful daughter Zali into the world.  Becoming a Mother has been the very best thing I have ever done AND it threw my whole world upside down.  My whole identity had shifted.  What used to matter no longer did.  I was dealing with what I now know are called 'Intrusive thoughts'.  I had conflicting thoughts like I want to have a successful business and I don't care about business if it means sacrificing time with my baby.  Not to mention Hubby's and my relationship had changed.  In one way we felt more bonded than ever before but in another way we had re-navigate what our whole relationship looked like now that it wasn't just us anymore.  All this whilst trying to navigate normal life stuff on very little sleep.  

Which led to my big crash in August 2022.  BURNOUT.  Crying everyday.  Exhausted. My beautiful hubby sat with me one day and just said babe you need to stop, I have got this, I will take care of us, you just get yourself back on track.  Work as much or as little as your desire (which wasn't a easy thing to say given we were also paying for our wedding that we never got to have (due to covid) that same year).  Slowly but surely, I started to feel myself again.  I worked on me.  We worked on us and our relationship.  I started to take interest in my work again and find the balance between it all (well most of the time at least).  

Which led me to realising 2 things. I needed a different Business model (one that would allow me to be with my baby (hopefully babies one day) which led me down the path of digital products, physical products and affiliate products.  The second thing was who did I want to help in all of the things that I had experienced? It became very clear that it was Mums although scary to say outloud as I would've sworn black and blue that I would never become one of those mums that wanted to talk about Motherhood all the time (jokes on me!).

So with that, I decided to take all of my knowledge in coaching, behavioural psychology and Business and create 3 digital programs:


  1. One for Mothers shifting into the identity of Motherhood.  Navigating all the changes in finding yourself within this new you because we are not the same woman who walked in the hospital to have the baby/babies;

  2. One for Couples navigating their relationship pre & post babies (because I believe doing the work pre baby can absolutely keep your relationship strong post baby when the real work hits); and 

  3. One for Mothers wanting to learn how to create digital products online so that they can free up their time, do something they love so they can have something just for them and most importantly, be at home with their babies.


Which leads us the present moment! So if you have read this far, well done you as that was LONG lol.  

Feel free to go check out my freebies page or my products and services page to see what's on offer.  Alternatively, if you hit contact we can have a chat with any questions you might have! 

Donna x

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