Episode 17: Controversial Society

Views Shaming Us

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20 August 2020
Episode 17: Controversial Society Views Shaming UsAMPLIFY-HER by Donna Lesa
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There’s a lot of controversial societal views that shame us for who we are and for the decisions we’re making. Views such as infidelity, people being interested in the same sex, threesomes, open relationships, abortions, etc…


But why are we shaming ourselves and others for just being who we are and making decisions that are best for us instead of what the society thinks is right?

“We live in a society where we should be able to talk about these things and it’s ridiculous to think that for some reason, our generation feels like we still can’t.”

- Donna Lesa

Main takeaways:

  • [00:59] 3 different levels to look at when it comes to ‘controversial’ views

  • [03:33] The other ‘controversial’ views based on society

  • [04:02] Why we, as a society, shouldn’t be the one to decide what’s wrong or right

  • [05:21] The reason we need to start making this ‘controversial’ conversations okay and stop shaming these conversations

With this episode, I invite you to...

Start being more open-minded. Start being more open to these ‘controversial’ conversations, for yourself and for others because you will create so much more intimacy, connection and happiness if you allow yourself and others to live within their full expression of themselves. 

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