Episode 4: Drama Your Energy

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20 May 2020
Episode 4: Drama Your EnergyAMPLIFY-HER by Donna Lesa
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I don’t know about you but there were times where I felt exhausted just by looking at the amount of things that needs to get done. I would find myself overwhelmed and not wanting to do it after going through all the things that I need to do for the day.


See, here’s the thing...

“If you spend as much time doing the things that you need to do as you did thinking about it, then you’d have a lot more energy and a lot more time on your side.”

Main takeaways:

  • [02:08] The ‘Drama Cycle’ - What & How?

  • [02:57] What happened when you unconsciously took on that drama cycle

  • [03:53] You’re not going to be able to pick this drama cycle up on yourself when you first start noticing it

  • [04:38] What should you do when you’re stuck in that drama cycle?

  • [05:09] The great things that’ll happen once you stop making everything dramatic

What can you do instead to take the drama cycle out? How you could be playing this out in not only your professional life and business but also in your personal life and relationships?


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