Episode 10: How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs

and Reach That Next Level of Income

with Christina Chabrier

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01 July 2020
Episode 10: How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs...AMPLIFY-HER by Donna Lesa
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Are your limiting beliefs stopping you from reaching your best self? Or maybe it’s actually preventing you from reaching that next level of income that you’ve been aiming for?

In this week’s episode, Christina Chabrier (formerly known as Tina Mai) and I talked about how to overcome limiting beliefs, trusting yourself and reaching that next level of income.

Christina Chabrier is a Money and Manifestation Coach who advises influential & disruptive leaders in the creation of their multi-million dollar thought leadership empires. Christina helps them rewire their subconscious beliefs around money so that they can make more money and actually learn to love money rather than fear it.

“If you desire to have more wealth or you’re desiring this next level, that really is who you’re suppose to become. You wouldn’t desire it unless you’re meant to become it. It’s about becoming that part of you and allowing yourself to bring that in.” - Christina Chabrier

Main takeaways:

  • [01:55] How Christina went from being introverted when she was younger to having a strong desire to change the world and make a difference

  • [04:33] Christina talks about the struggles in business and allowing yourself to see the parts of you that you don’t like from a space of love

  • [07:32] Key distinctions for people wanting to reach that next level of income

  • [09:37] The key blocks that are preventing you from reaching that next level of income 

  • [13:32] Why you need to realise that the thoughts aren’t real

  • [16:54] “Leaving it on the highest vibrational thought that you can leave it at that time” - What does this mean and why?

  • [18:19] Why you should know your end goal instead of trying to figure out the ‘how’

  • [24:15] Why you don’t need to worry about building a website, landing page, etc at the start of your business

“You have to feel, think and be a certain way before reality will ever mimic it.”
- Christina Chabrier


As long as you do that one thing everyday that brings you closer and you remind yourself where the end goal is, you’ll inevitably get there. Remember that the world is out there to help you, it’s not you against the world but the world itself can support you and your goals and dreams.


Are you ready to overcome those limiting beliefs to reach your best self and get that next level of income?


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