Episode 7: How to Get Out Of Your Own Way and Create the Freedom Lifestyle You Desire with Olivia Powell

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10 June 2020
Episode 7: How to Get Out Of Your Own Way and Create the Freedom Lifestyle You Desire with Olivia PowellAMPLIFY-HER by Donna Lesa
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Do you have that mindset that’s going to help you build a successful business?

In this week’s episode, Olivia Powell and I talked about the journey as a Business Coach, overnight success, luck and how changing your mindset could greatly impact your business for the better.

Olivia Powell is a Podcast & Business Coach helping heart-centered & badass women entrepreneurs to use their voices to build and elevate their branding through their own podcasts.

“We grab onto things that has happened to us and we feel like it has happened to us, we don’t believe that it has happened FOR us until we change that mindset.”
- Olivia Powell

Main takeaways:

  • [02:37] The journey, from the very very beginning, of becoming a Business Coach; not knowing how to do anything; the uncertainty and that ah-ha moment

  • [09:25] What happens when you find yourself completely losing interest in the work you’re doing? - What I did, my thought process

  • [17:44] Why you just need to keep going despite the ‘failures’ along the way

  • [21:00] By you choosing that you’re never going to have pro-bono clients again is choosing that you’re going to up-level

  • [24:10] What freedom & setting boundaries looks like

  • [31:00] “Facebook Live is a good place to start to build your public speaking skills.” - Here’s why..

  • [36:06] 3 Qualities that you’d need to have to build a successful business

  • [45:45] Advice for self-sabotage & thoughts on ‘luck’

  • [55:33] Falling into that ‘Victim Mentality’

  • [01:04:55] Why commitment is important when it comes to being successful

  • [01:12:36] The biggest piece of advice I have ever received

“The more that you avoid something, the more it becomes prominent.”

Notice your mindset, do you have what it takes to build a successful business?


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