Episode 5: Building a Business Sustainably Without Hitting Burnout with Vanessa Hallick

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27 May 2020
Episode 5: Building a Business Sustainably Without...AMPLIFY-HER by Donna Lesa
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As a business owner, the last thing you’d want is to hit that burnout; I know I almost did.


So how could you prevent that while still building the business you want?


In this week’s episode, Vanessa Hallick and I dived deep into building a business sustainably without hitting burnout.


Vanessa Hallick is a Mindset & Business Coach who helps ambitious women overcome their fears of quitting their 9-5 so they can finally follow their true calling in life and build a business they truly love.

Having gone through it herself, leaving a corporate job in London to being a successful entrepreneur that could run her business from anywhere, and with her belief system that we can have it all; Love, Health, Wealth, Happiness and Fulfilment, Vanessa coaches those ambitious women through each step of the transition - going from unfulfilled employee to being an on-purpose businesswoman with a life of freedom and flexibility.

“Create your business around your life, rather than the other way around.”

- Vanessa Hallick

Main takeaways:

  • [02:20] Vanessa proves that if you have a vision for something despite not knowing how it’s going to happen, you’ve actually already created it and it’s out there in that physical reality

  • [06:10] She also talks about that moment where she realised that she couldn’t continue living an unfulfilled life with a corporate job

  • [12:32] We tend to do what’s expected of us, we would end up being unhappy and uncertain of why we are here - How we could change that

  • [14:52] Vanessa talks about her vision/mission and what she was brought here to do

  • [18:10] How to start being comfortable sharing your message, especially when it comes to talking about vulnerability

  • [23:20] Tiny and simple shifts could prevent burnout while building your business, here’s how...

  • [28.59] 5-second rule; Releasing the drama, Taking the action

  • [30:07] Vanessa talks about the biggest challenges that she had to overcome to get to where she is now

  • [38:23] Vanessa’s advice to women who wants to build a business sustainably that doesn’t lead to burnout

  • [45:24] Why you need to be really firm with whom you bring into your business

“Your message and whatever you’ve got inside you is really important to be heard.”

- Vanessa Hallick

Here’s the thing: enjoy the process. Catch yourself if you find yourself almost hitting burnout, take a step back, breathe and remind yourself of the reason why you started this journey in the first place.


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