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Masterclasses & Short burst Programs

Hi there!

Sometimes I like to run short burst programs or Masterclasses. These are SUPER high value and are usually targeted at a specific topic to help you open up to a new way of thinking and experience life in a whole new way. 

These are great if you are not wanting to invest in a long term coaching container or if you are interested in a particular topic of my teaching.  Feel free to browse below. 

And stay tuned, there will be more to come!



I created this Masterclass to deep dive into the art of Feminine Magnetism in Business and Life.

I love playing with energetic archetypes as they can be quite powerful to use as a tool of embodiment.  They allow us to tap into a energy type that we are likely already familiar with but have forgotten exists OR they allow us to tap into a part of us we didn't know existed which opens up a whole new part of ourselves.  The word I would use to describe the experience the women had in this masterclass is "unlocked".  The results of the ladies who attended this training found their relationships shifted.  Their businesses shifted MASSIVELY.  One woman had 100 new IG followers overnight.  Their perspective on life shifted.  All women felt lighter.  All women felt the possibilities of life, love and business. Don’t take my word for it though, feel free to check out the Testimonials page for yourself.  AND KNOW THAT IT'S AVAILABLE FOR YOU TOO.  

If you are ready to have the Temptress experience, please join the replay of the Masterclass by clicking the link.

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