Episode 1: People Are Not Their Behaviour

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1 May 2020
Episode 1: People Are Not..AMPLIFY-HER by Donna Lesa
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Often, we tend to associate people with their behaviour which shouldn't be the case at all. People are not their behaviour.

Main takeaways:

  • ​[00:41] What I mean by this

  • [00:51] The way your brain processes their behaviour

  • [02:13] What would happen if you take the emotion out of the situation?

  • [04:19] 3 Tips on how to separate the person from their behaviour

"Don't come from a reactionary place, come from a place of responding."


Sometimes we tend to forget that how a person behaves and acts at a given moment does not define who they are as a person. Try to take a step back before you respond because you never know what someone is going through. They might just be having a bad day (and they usually are just that if they seem hostile)!


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