Episode 6: Problem vs Response

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03 June 2020
Episode 6 - Problem vs ResponseAMPLIFY-HER by Donna Lesa
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Have you ever had somebody said something to you and you can feel your blood boiling underneath the surface, you just cannot believe your ears that you’ve heard this? How did you respond to that when that happens?

“As leaders and business owners, it’s really important that we know how to master our emotions in these moments because there are gonna be plenty of these moments.”

Main takeaways:

  • [01:43] An example of Problem vs Response

  • [04:53] You cannot be reacting to that issue but instead, you need to RESPOND to that

  • [07:07] What happens when you’re feeling reactionary and what you should do

  • [08:30] What personalising your business problems looks like

  • [12:04] How you can put this ‘Problem vs Response’ method to your business


“In that moment of feeling reactionary, there’s no logic in that. It’s pure emotions, anxiety and frustration.”

Are you responding or just reacting?

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