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I have 2 different programs available.  One is my signature program and the other is a program my Husband and I run together with the view of having retreats available once Covid settles down and we are able to travel again.

The first is my 6 month signature program.  It is a 6 month program for a reason.  There is A LOT to cover as you will see below.

Within this you will learn through my 3 pillar methodology - ENERGY, MINDSET & STRATEGY.  All 3 of these things are vital to a successful business.  

What we will cover:


Have you ever met someone and instantly liked them? Or had the opposite and instantly disliked them? Our energy is powerful and it is usually what people feel from you before you even open your mouth which is why it is important that we clear this for you to ensure you are attracting your soul clients into your business.

I will teach you the different energy archetypes and how to shift your energy within minutes to become magnetic to who you desire to work with.


Let's be honest you could be taught all the strategy in the world but if you don't believe in you that strategy will mean jack squat!


My mindset work is not like anything I have seen on the market because what you will become familiar with is not just your values, stories and unconscious beliefs created from your past experiences but your emotions and how to use them as signals to what needs to shift as opposed to seeing them as something to be avoiding.  This is powerful work and has shifted my clients immensely when working through these. 

What most people try to do is they try to live in joy, love and happiness but because they haven't un-tethered the emotions from the bottom of the emotional spectrum they find themselves falling back into the scarcity mindset quite quickly.  This is why so many of us claim to be "tired".


  • Niching

  • Online Social Media Presence

  • Setting up your social media for a engaged group of people

  • Every day Content and Sales Content 

  • Package set up

  • Sales conversations both on the phone and through messenger/emails

  • Human Behaviour and how to read people - I don't care what business you own this is a powerful tool, one of the most powerful you will ever learn both personally and professionally. 

  • Setting up structures in your business so you don't have to waste so much time

  • Taking on team members - HOW and WHAT to consider

SOME OF THE BONUSES INCLUDED: (Again not like anything I have seen on the market to date!)

  • Intuitive Reading & Healing with Victoria Bond (1 hour) (I have experienced Victoria's work myself and she is unlike any other reader I have ever met before which is why I have collaborated with her).

  • Human Design Reading to discover how to utilise your energy best in business, how to best write content that reaches your people and how to tap into your strengths in Business.

  • Sales training with my Husband, Caleb Lesa.  Without sounding bias he is one of the best in Australia with one of his clients have a $70K DAY after working with him.  

  • PRE-RECORDED Library for you to watch in your own time as you wish.  

  • Reviews of your social media set up, content and other work to ensure that you have the very best chance at succeeding to your 6 figure+ Business.

There is 2 sessions available with a month and 2 LIVE Group Coaching Calls a month.  

This program is LIMITED to 17 people as I have mentioned on other pages, I want you to have the VERY BEST chance at succeeding.  

This program is by Application only because I do want to ensure that if you are are apart of this program you are as committed to your success as I am to you.

Relationship Program

Both my husband and I teach people how to grow their businesses and as some of you may or may not know, running a business is the biggest personal development course you could ever take lol.  So much of Business building and growing requires us to grow internally.  

But what happens to your relationship when YOU and your Business start to grow?

Sometimes it can cause friction in the relationship.  There is a unconscious scarcity (that your partner would not be able to language as they aren't even aware of it) that can tend to happen. They unconsciously become scared that you may grow apart from them or you may notice yourself feeling as if you are growing but your partner is not growing with you.  It is so important your partner and yourself are on the same page because if we feel uncertain in our relationships we are less likely to be able to take on uncertainty in our businesses.  Whereas if we have safety and security in our relationships and we feel it is harmonious, we have more space in our brains to take on more uncertainty in business which is exactly what is required to grow. 

My husband and I noticed this a lot as we helped people to grow their businesses.  We have also done a lot of work on our own personal relationship which is why we know that relationships can be really easy and effortless when you have the right tools which is where this program was born.  

If you would like to know more about the program feel free to click the link below.  Alternatively, have a watch of the video below to learn a little more about us and what teach throughout our program.