Episode 3: What Is Your Emotional Age

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13 May 2020
Episode 3: What Is Your Emotional AgeAMPLIFY-HER by Donna Lesa
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Your physical age (the age we always refer to- based on when you were born) is not the only age you’ve got. Something a lot of us don’t know is that we have THREE different ages:

  1. Physical age

  2. Mental age: our IQ, how smart we are & how skilled we are

  3. Emotional age

Main takeaways:

  • [00:39] A lot of leaders are leading from a space of their emotional capped age

  • [00:45] Example of someone with an emotional capped age

  • [03:25] Does someone who goes to anger quite quickly & quite “volcanic” about things has an emotionally capped age?

  • [04:17] The reasons for having an emotional age of a 2-5 year old

  • [04:54] Being raised a certain way affects this emotional age

  • [05:32] Someone who is always saying “I don’t know” and not having an opinion about anything, tends to attract toxic relationships

  • [07:39] It’s NOT your job to fix others when you notice it in them

“When you have the cognitive understanding in this topic, you’d understand what this means for you. Then, you’d start to see it in either your behaviour or other people’s behaviour. And when you can see that, the next step to that is being able to go and see somebody about healing this.”

Start noticing your emotional capped age but know that if you see it in others, it’s not your job to feed into that. It’s something they have to figure out by themselves. But do you have an emotional capped age?


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