Episode 9: Why You Should Embrace The ‘Bad’ Moments In Your Life And Business

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25 June 2020
Episode 9: Why You Should Embrace The ‘Bad' Moments...AMPLIFY-HER by Donna Lesa
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I had a client reach out to me recently saying, “I had a great start of the year, made more money than I’ve ever made and I felt like I had a bit of a dip”. But why is this necessarily a bad thing? 


One of the things to understand about life and business is that they come in waves and just like the weather, life and business have seasons too. Have you experienced this?


  • Do you notice yourself doing great in your life and business - having your goals achieved but after awhile you start to feel unhappy and unfulfilled again?

  • Are you tired of having a really good moment in your business but it doesn’t last, you find yourself going through a rut again and the cycle just keeps on repeating itself?

  • Can those ‘bad’ moments in your life and business actually be really good for you?

This is what seasons in life and business are. Let me break this down for you and how every season is actually crucial and good for your life and business..

Main takeaways:

  • [00:51] What is the ‘Winter’ season in life and business and how it can actually be good for you

  • [03:37] Moving into the ‘Spring’/’Summer’ season where opportunities are popping at you from every way

  • [04:55] From ‘Autumn’ to ‘Winter’ season - things started to change again, things started to feel like they were getting a bit cold again

  • [07:49] How the next ‘Spring’/’Summer’ season is better than before

  • [09:55] The MOST IMPORTANT lesson I’ve learned from going through all these different seasons

  • [12:28] We need this ‘Winter’ season to sit in our feminine energy because our feminine energy is our creativity energy

“If you don’t lean into these winter seasons, these winter seasons would last a hell of a lot longer and they’re a hell of a lot more painful than if you actually just lean in and go, ‘you know what? I surrender to it’.”

If you spent so much energy resisting the ‘Winter’ seasons, you then start to wonder why am I so tired? Why am I so exhausted? Why do I have such brain fog? This is because you’ve been sitting in resistance to the thing you actually need.

So embrace those ‘Winter’ seasons and stop trying to resist it.

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