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Let's get to know each other!

I don't know about you but when I am considering working with someone I just want to BINGE their free content first. Really get to know them. See if they activate something new and fresh in me in their free content before I hit the paid stuff.


Which is why I have popped in here various ways you can connect with me for free.



Shadows of the Human 

Magic of the Soul

A guide to transmuting shadows & tapping into your higher consciousness.

Lead with Love YT Cover (11).png

Youtube Channel

This Poddy/YTC is my little space on the internet where we have real talk. Real talk about Love and Money.  Real talk about Life.  This is not a channel about 'trying to be a expert on something'.  I have purely made this channel to open up a space for vulnerability and truth telling and sure you might learn something along the way too but I just feel like there is so much on the internet these days TELLING you what to do rather than just sharing relatable experiences of life and if you learn something along the way then awesome.

I am a self love and manifestation coach so a lot of what I share will be through that filter of the world.  Enjoy! Dx

Living Lesa Vlog on Youtube

This is a personal travel vlog I have created with my husband.  We share all about our travels and lifestyle living in Bali.  Another way to get to know me on a more personal level!

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